Commercial & Residential Landscape Solutions

Landscape Restoration

Keep what you love and revive the rest

Is your space overgrown and out of control? We can help you with that. TinkerTurf recognizes that you may be in love with certain elements of your space, but it’s hard to appreciate it with the distractions of weeds and brush.

Our team can help you preserve landscape elements and refresh the space with new plantings, beds or hardscapes to give you a space you’ll love to enjoy and use.

We know that the process can be overwhelming. At TinkerTurf, we will work with you from design to installation. Let us come out and give you an honest assessment of where you stand and discuss the possibilities.

From restoration to renovation, we can transform your outdoor space into a paradise you can enjoy for years to come.

Check out some of our work

  • Lawn Maintenance

    Lawn Maintenance

  • Commercial Landscape & Lawn Care

    Commercial Landscape & Lawn Care

  • Beautiful Front Yard Floral Arrangement

    Beautiful Front Yard Floral Arrangement

  • Lawn Care of Aerobraze
  • Long Backyard Patio

    Long Backyard Patio

  • Pool & Hot Tub Covered for the Winter

    Pool & Hot Tub Covered for the Winter

  • Nighttime Backyard Lighting

    Nighttime Backyard Lighting

  • Large Backyard Patio & Fireplace

    Large Backyard Patio & Fireplace

  • Stone Seating Wall & Patio

    Stone Seating Wall & Patio

  • Commercial Flower Bed

    Commercial Flower Bed

  • Close up of Stone Seating Wall

    Close up of Stone Seating Wall

  • Curvy Backyard Patio

    Curvy Backyard Patio