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You have a stunning home; don’t let it disappear at night

Adding lighting around your home not only illuminates its beauty, it also improves safety.

Strategically place lights around the periphery of your home. It will give you a dramatic look after dark. This is not only beautiful, it allows you to bring light to key areas, remove dark spots and create a more safe environment for your family.

To ensure that your lighting is perfect, you should trust TinkerTurf to install your system. Too many lights is overkill. Not enough and you still have dark sections.

Helping you choose between the different types of light is our specialty. We work with you to meet your budget and get the look you want.

Nighttime lighting enhances the mood of your landscape and allows you to enjoy your patio at night. This small addition can extend the hours of enjoyment you are currently getting out of your outdoor space.

When the holiday season rolls around, its time to bring out the festive lighting. Our teams are eager to make your life easy. Sit back on your couch with a cup of hot cocoa, and watch us put up your lights for you. No more dealing with the freezing cold and shaky ladders. TinkerTurf is on the job to make your holiday lighting a dream come true.

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