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A backyard patio provides room and flexibility so you can spend a day outside in comfort

Looking for a little more comfort from your landscape? Mother nature shouldn’t rule your life. Make your yard fit to your ideal comfort setting.

A backyard patio can offer the flexibility you need to spend a day outside in comfort. Combine that with a walkway, and you will have the perfect setting. No longer will your backyard be only green grass, but it would be an aesthetic combination that brings people and nature together.

Don’t know where to start? Trust the experts at TinkerTurf to bring creativity and uniqueness to the design process. Adding a stone patio or walkway to your home will add allure and create an inviting atmosphere.

Let us build your new patio quickly with one of these ready-made designs.

Patio Designs

Check Out Some of Our Work

  • Overlooking a Backyard Patio

    Overlooking a Backyard Patio

  • Backyard Patio Lighting

    Backyard Patio Lighting

  • Residential Flower Bed & Walkway

    Residential Flower Bed & Walkway

  • Backyard Patio & Fire Pit

    Backyard Patio & Fire Pit

  • Peaceful Backyard Patio
  • Front Yard Elegant Landscape

    Front Yard Elegant Landscape

  • Elegant Backyard Patio

    Elegant Backyard Patio

  • Residential Landscape Maintenance

    Residential Landscape Maintenance

  • Paver Walkway

    Paver Walkway

  • Secluded Backyard Landscape

    Secluded Backyard Landscape

  • Wonderful Front Yard Landscape

    Wonderful Front Yard Landscape

  • Peaceful Waterfall Feature

    Peaceful Waterfall Feature